Visual Studio Codeの日本語サポートについて

Visual Studio Codeが出たので試していましたが、ShiftJISの既存コードを開くと文字化けするので設定できるか調べました。

Q: What encodings are supported?

A: Visual Studio Code will read and write files using UTF-8 encoding. UTF-16 is supported if its byte order mark (BOM) is present (meaning the opening character sequence is 0xEF,0xFF for big-endian, or 0xFF,0xEF for little-endian). Any existing BOM is preserved but will not be added unless it was there already. Other than UTF-8 and UTF-16, no other encoding is currently supported.

Issueが上がっていたので、以下URLからぜひ「me too」を!!

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Fixed in Visual Studio Code version 0.3.0download latest version